Shadowing, Ride along

After doing the experience on a safari, you should immerse yourself to observe how users/customers go through the experience. Depending on the service/product, you can choose to follow only one person all along the day, the experience or observe different people using the service.
In this method, you need to be discreet, to not interfer with the regular behaviour people have. You should take notes about actions but also positions, faces, reactions, any little thing can be interesting. Try to catch how people overcome difficulties, do they use some tricks, some fallback solutions? What is pushing them, which are the triggers? Once they are done, it can be interesting to conduct a short interview, to get explanation on "why they did this instead of that".
Don't forget to change position while doing this observation, place yourself has a kid, gain "altitude", try to see things from the seller's point of view not only the user's...
You can then report your observations on a customer journey map.