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Hello, Bonjour, Hej, Hola, and Welcome
My name is Laure, I'm from the french Alps and I'm 27.

play_arrow More about me ?

I love winter sports and actually watching any kind of sports. I also enjoy a lot photography: capturing a moment, an emotion and being able, months later to feel it again and remember. I'm not a city girl, I grew up in a small village close to a lake and mountains, so this is more what I feel happy with. I've started traveling abroad 4 years ago when I knew I could go to Sweden for a year as an Erasmus. I've visited a small town called Luleå up in the north and finally spent 3 years around there. My first goal was to ski in many resorts in Norway, Sweden and Finland. And the second one to live a real cold dark winter. That was a success!

MINUS28 comes from this experience, the picture you see on the home page was taken in a small ski resort called Kåbdalis, on the 28 dec. 2012 at 11am. It was a perfect day with fresh snow, the sun on one side and the full moon on the other side. And it was minus 28°C.

Since that I've been travelling a bit more around Europe and want to keep discovering the world.

play_arrow Why this website?

This website was born during the past months while I've decided to learn coding languages. 6 years ago, when I was starting to study mechanical engineering, I had a class about html and css. It was not the best course ever, the teacher was not amazing and actually I realize now that learning code with theoretical classes is definitely not the best way.
I've now finished my degree, I am looking for a job which means I have time ... (when I wrote this post - not anymore, now I'm a designer at Groupe SEB - Tefal) Another thing to know is that between my degree in engineering and now, I've followed a course about design, where one part was about service and interaction design, and that's when I had to learn about web/apps design!
So with the spare time I have, I've decided to learn again coding! And it was easier than I thought. Nowadays the net is full of online courses, interactive lessons and much more content about developing. And this made the experience totally different from 6 years back. I actually enjoyed learning, I had some memories which helped a lot and above all I've decided I would learn by creating a real website!
Here is an article about how I've created this webiste, with a list of ressources I've used.
So here is the website, I didn't use a wordpress, a template or whatever, I've started from blank html and css pages, which can explain that maybe some stuff won't work, or some stuff will be under construction as I'm still learning.

play_arrow About what ?

You will find here photo reports on the trips I've done and will do, with tips, a linked map of the interesting places I've seen, because I love planning trips, always do a lot of research so I think it can be good to share it ! That is the Travel section, don't hesitate to hover over the pictures to see the magic!
I also love cooking, especially desserts so there is a section only about recipes.
And finally, a blog to share things I've learned, found interesting, pictures I'm taking...

If you want to know more about my work you can visit my portfolio website.
All the pictures I'm taking are under copyright so if you want to use them please contact me by email or through the comment box just below.