Hiking to Saint Meme Waterfalls

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Let's go hiking!
The Cirque of Saint Même and it's waterfall is a well known hike in the Chartreuse Regional Park.

play_arrow Where?

Just when autumn was starting, we decided to go for a hike and I picked a waterfall. With the trees starting to get orange, yellow, red... I thought the landscape would be amazing! And it was!
The Cirque is about 1h car from Grenoble and 45mins from Chambéry and the road is quite scenic. You'll find a parking close to the starting point of the hike.

Please note that during the high season (may to september) you need to pay the parking (3-4€ for a car) and the place can be very crowded.

Right after the parking there is a big green area, near the river, where you can enjoy a family afternoon. A small chalet offers drinks and food.
I recommend you to go there for a whole morning or afternoon at least.

play_arrow The hike.

You have 2 ways to reach the waterfall. We took the left path (when facing the cirque) to go and came back by the other side.

You can find the path we took by clicking here. There are a few other options regarding the trickiest area, it just depends on how courageous you are ^.^

Reaching the waterfall is not so difficult, the first part goes up fast but there is no tricky sections. You can go with kids, no problem! You only need a pair of good shoes and water. Oh and it can be quite cold close to the waterfall even in September, so take a jacket.
The trail will get trickier if you decide to go up to the cave where some sections can be a bit vertiginous. Anyway I'm not the strongest and fearless person in the world and I managed. Just don't go if the path is wet and the weather is bad, that's just common hiking rules for beginners :)

play_arrow Summary

Easy to the cascade - Trickier to the Cave
Half a day
About 3,2km - Highest elevation: 1300m
In the summer: paying parking

Have you done this hike, planning to? Or do you have any advice of other hiking path in the region ?