I won an Aquent Award!

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I'm the 2017 Talent in the Gymnasium excellence in learning category!

play_arrow What is this award for?

"This award is for an individual (based in Europe) who has demonstrated enthusiasm and initiative for learning in 2016." Aquent has a platform called Gymnasium, where they offer a few courses about web/interactive design. If you've read my post about How I've created Minus28?, you might have seen that I've followed those online courses.
Few weeks ago they contacted me and other "nominees" with some questions about how the courses helped us and why did we follow them. And at the beginning of March they told me I was the winner! It's not the biggest category of the awards they gave, but it's always nice to get a reward for learning!

play_arrow Why did I follow their courses?

There are plenty of free courses online, especially about web design and everything related. I've been following some of them on different websites in 2016. Some are better than others of course, and I really liked the ones Gymnasium offers. They are well organized, made of short videos, quizzes and "homework". Oh and the lecturers have a nice, easy to understand English! So if you want to learn coding as a designer, the basics of UX, Javascript, Wordpress... I encourage you to visit the Gymnasium Webpage.

play_arrow What did I win?

I got the black trophy you can see on the top picture as well as a calendar with unique illustrations for each months made by some Aquent Talents. And finally I got 22 e-books about webdesign!

And one last thing, Gymnasium just wrote an article on Medium about me :) Let's keep learning ! Thank you Aquent.