How to store fruits and vegetables?

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Why bananas ripen so fast in your fruits' basket?
Ethylene gas has something to do with that, see how it works below.

play_arrow Link between ethylene and ripening.

how to store fruits infographics

The list above is obviously non-exhausitive, but it gathers the most common fruits and vegetables (f&v). It is a good thing to have it in mind when you buy f&v, depending on when you plan to use them, you can buy them green or mature, and storing them properly will help you "fight" waste.
You have to know that some f&v are neither sensitive nor producer of ethylene, that is the case of ananas, oranges, cherries, berries, grappes, lemons, artichokes, asparagus, pumpkins. This means you can store them with other fruits without risk of making them mature faster.

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