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Between Lakes and Mountains

Savoies, Geneva, Chamonix...

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Map Savoies regions

I'm living in a small village of Savoie, and obviously this is the best region of the world! Amazing for winter with all the ski resorts and perfect for summer with the lakes. If you like nature, you should definitely come!

You've probably heard about the regions for winters, or maybe because every years the famous Tour de France comes around! And this year 2016, 4 stages will be here, between lakes and mountains. They will climb the Col du Grand Colombier, a challenging stage with steep laces and a difficult descent. If you come around to visit, you should take these laces by car (or by bike!), they are quite impressive. and offer nice panoramic views.

The region has also some nice cities like Annecy, the little Venice of the Alps, Aix-les-Bains and Geneva, all on the border of a lake, surrounded by mountains.

Check the map for places to visit, access to stunning panoramic views... and more.

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