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A train trip in the western Europe

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The interrail pass allows unlimited travel by train around Europe. You can chose between different durations and just go wherever you want (!for some trips unfortunately you need to pay a bit more!)

We started to plan the trip 1-2months before: finding the perfect way, checking the trains timetable, looking for cheap accomodations (Thank you Couchsurfing and Airbnb) and optimising the time in each city.

We've left Luleå, up in the north of Sweden by plane to Stockholm and it's only when leaving Stockholm that we've started to use our "5 days out of 10" pass. We've visited Copenhagen, Hamburg, Amsterdam and Brussels and finally reached Paris on the 10th day. It was a bit short but we've manage to get a good overview of each places.

Open the full trip with details on Google Map.

 S t o c k h o l m 

Stockholm is a city with a lot of greenery and water which create a relaxing atmosphere. The Gamla Stan (old town) is full of small charming streets and surrounded by churches and other royal and Nobel buildings. In Sweden, Fika is mandatory: try a swedish kanelbullar or a morotskaka with a coffee at 10am or 3pm. Also take the subway to see the art in the stations.

 C o p e n h a g e n 

Before reaching Copenhagen, a stop in Malmö to see the bridge between the 2 countries and the Turning Torso building can be a good idea. Copenhagen is full of bikes, you should definitely rent one! Check the bike tour on the map that will allow you to pass by most of the sights like the citadel or the charming Nyhavn street.

 H a m b u r g 

Hamburg, it is not the most touristic place but the lakes and gardens give some special atmosphere. Also the Speicherstadt side worths the visit as much as taking the boat to Övelgönne.

 A m s t e r d a m 

This city definitely gets its charm from the canals, so what's better than just walking around, enjoy the typical pointy building and floating houses.

 B r u s s e l s 

If you stay for a short time in Brussels like we did, I recommend you to check our "comic art" tour, that enables you to see also the Grand Place and other sights like Manneken Pis.

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