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Lofoten Islands, Norway

Two Short Trips in Summer and Winter

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The Lofoten are a Paradise! If you are used to Pinterest, you've probably seen them thousands of times in the many "top", "best", "see once in your life" lists. And they deserve it. It is my favourite place, by far, and luckily I've got the chance to go twice.

No matter the season, be ready to any kind of weather: it can be sunny and the next hour snowy, windy, rainy... That is what makes the landscape and the experience amazing. And any way, the colourful cabins will always bring colors to the views, as well as the pure transparent waters, sometimes with a touch of "Tropical clearblue water" and the green mountains.

Talking about mountains, they are everywhere, that is what creates the fjords, if you need two words to describe the Lofoten, they are obviously Mountains and Water. Oh and depending on the season, you will discover the typical smell of these islands: the strong smell of the cods drying everywhere, just enjoy it!

If you are planning to visit the Lofoten or want to see more about the situation of these islands, check my google map.

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