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3 years in Laponia

Lulea, Skiing, Landscapes

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I've spent 3 years in the North of Sweden: the part of the world where winters are dark, cold, full of snow (that might not be always true...) and summers are made of endless days (and mosquitoes!). An amazing region for nature and outdoors lovers!

Most of the cities there, along the Baltic coast end with the Swedish letter "Å", which actually means river. So expect Luleå, Piteå and Umeå (the 3 cities where I lived) to be crossed by a river. Kayak, beaches, fishing in the summer and ice skating during the winter!

From Minus 28 to Plus 25 degree Celsius, be prepared! But keep in mind that it can be also 0-5 at any time during the year!

Maybe you are planning to go there for your studies, like I did, or just to visit this beautiful area called Lappland. Below you will find info for both situations. Enjoy!

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 L u l e å 

A calm small city with water everywhere. During winters, when the snow covers the landscape, and the rivers and lakes are frozen, the atmosphere is so special. You can go ice skating around the city, drive on the ice road or ski at Ormberget. In the summer, the midnight sun shines, find a barbecue and enjoy the long days.

 O u t d o o r s 

Cities are full of nature and as soon as you drive 10mins you are already lost in the forests. You'll probably meet reindeer on the roads. Rent a "stuga" (small cabin) and go hiking around. I've been to Lömsträsk, spent 3 days near the lake, enjoying stars and northern lights show, amazing memories.

 W i n t e r 

Skiing in the best snow ever! Slopes are not super steep but skiing during the night, on light fresh powder in Kåbdalis or during a sunny day in the mecca of Riksgränsen are experiences you'll never forget. Dog sledding is another unforgettable activity as well as visiting the Ice Hotel in Kiruna.

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