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Poland by bus

Warsaw, Zakopane and Krakow

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Poland is not only about Vodka! Yeah that's basically all I knew before going. Actually, it has big cities, moutains and even the sea in the north. I've been there for a week and managed to see the 2 first. And I'm really glad because even if I'm not a big fan of huge cities, I enjoyed Warsaw. It's moving a lot but the old town is peaceful and beautiful with its colored houses, especially by night.

Zakopane is a charming town/ski resort, even without trying the slopes and not being able to see the landscape around because of the weather.

I won't talk in details about Krakow as the 1 day spent there was just enough to see the main sights, but I think this city deserves a stop.

As usual, you can find the whole trip plan and places to visit on the Map.

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