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Euro Winter XGames

4 editions in Tignes, France

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XGames are the biggest and most "prestigious" competitions in extreme sports. There is a summer edition gathering sports like skateboarding, BMX... and a winter edition with skiing, snowboarding and snowmobile.

From the beginning, in 1995, there was only a summer edition, and in 2002, the winter one was created, both happening in the US. But in 2010, ESPN, the organizer decided to create a european edition that was hosted in Tignes, France for 4 years.

Thankfully, I got the chance to be there with the camera, and believe me, for someone who loves freestyle skiing and snowboarding like I do, it was A-MA-ZING !

If you've never heard about these sports, you need to know that they are really "visual", most of the riders do competitions but also work with photographers and filmers a lot. There are 3 kinds of competitions: halfpipe, slopestyle and big air (which had never been in Tignes) and every rider has 2 or 3 chance to show his/her skills in front of judges who give scores from 0 to 100.

...Sometimes you don't need to travel thousands miles to feel in another world and enjoy every single seconds!

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