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I follow a lot everything that happens in extreme sports, which are really based on images (films and photos), always with amazing landscapes and this is where my desire to travel and passion for photography come from. I had to go abroad 6 months to finish my studies in engineering and that was the perfect occasion: the 6 months turned into 3 years in Sweden.
I've left France for the north of Sweden: Luleå, a small town where winters are cold and dark. It was perfect to me, I've got the chance to ski in amazing places of Scandinavia. I was even more eager to travel, share unforgettable memories with people from other countries, who I didn't even know 2 months before.
I also had to study (a bit!), and I've decided to specialize in design to combine my creativity and engineering. That's where I've developped my skills in graphics, learnt video editing and started to get into webdesign. And as I love learning, well I've just learnt in the past few weeks how to use an animation software to make the video for this contest.
To track down all my adventures and share my experience there I created a first blog: Let's go to Luleå. Then I've made a first website, more for professional purpose: my portfolio. And now that I am looking for a job, as I have time I've started to learn coding and using CMS like Wordpress and all the ways to promote and analyse websites. And to do so I've recently created Minus28 where I'm sharing mostly trips and recipes. You can by the way find out more about our travels here.
To sum up, I'm passionate about extreme sports, photography, medias, I love nature and want to discover the world. Perfect for this adventure, no?

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I am a sporty guy, I've been practising many sports in my life, I need to push my body and my mind to the limit to feel good. I also spend a lot of my time outside, taking care of the garden, or more recently building a house with my family. I enjoy being in the nature and going around to discover the architecture of the places I'm visiting.
I've been living in Asturias since I'm a kid, studied there and worked for a while but a few years ago I've got the chance to live the Erasmus experience in Luleå. The winter was harsh but the life was so good: being with people from the whole world, making really good friends, travelling to peaceful and relaxing places, trying new sports like hockey and snowboarding. I've enjoyed it so much!
So much that the next year, I've decided to keep going with the "Erasmus life" and moved to Poland to finish my engineering degree. There I've been also travelling around, discovered a culture quite different from the swedish one, it was another great experience!
I enjoy meeting new people, and my passion for sports and especially football often helps a lot to create a bond. And since I've left Asturias for Sweden, I feel that I need to move, see what's around, I don't feel like staying in one place forever.
Add to that my love for driving (cars, motorbikes...) and you'll have the reasons why this adventure is so motivating to me.

The team


David is my fellow-traveller, the best to carry the heavy backpack! He has more experience than me at driving and enjoys it so much. He's less a "computer guy" but likes writting journey diaries. He's really sociable, used to meet new people and get around with them easily. He likes doing sports more than I do and will push us in this way. And finally, he is spanish, which means we could produce content in English, French and Spanish (and he knows about good food!).

- Laure

Laure is my fellow-organizer of trips, she's really good at that, no matter the language or the country, she finds the best solutions looking deeply into internet. She loves spending time taking photos, editing them and creating graphics. She enjoys cooking and sharing it with the people she meets: learning a new recipe, telling hers, and this will avoid us being hungry! We are quite different but actualy complementary for this kind of adventure. I bring craziness and she brings calm and organization.

- David

The Project

During each of the trips we've done, we've seen many of these combi and each time we were looking at each other saying something like "one day we have to get one!". Also we were always limited, by time and by the means of transportation, especially during the Interrail trip we've done together. We've visited big cities but we've realized it would have been even better to be able to stop wherever, whenever and get out of the beaten paths.
Today, WeVan is giving us the best opportunity, we are done with our studies and ready to travel! No limits, going and staying anywhere we want, spending time with the locals and enjoy the most charming places.

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We've seen a bit of Europe and the idea of spending weeks discovering it deeper sounds so interesting to us. For Laure, just the idea of planning such a trip is extremely motivating. We also think that Europe deserves the highlights as much as Australia, New Zealand, USA, Asia, which often make people dream more because they are such "exoctic" destinations. We often think about going so far, without even knowing what's around us.
So the idea would be to show that you don't need to quit everything, pay an expensive flight ticket to Thailand to discover amazing places. "Normal people" with 2 weeks of holidays can rent a van, travel around Scandinavia and see landscapes they didn't imagine could exist that close to them.
We would travel 6 months, providing content for these people who have a few weeks of holidays and want to escape from daily life, feel free, discover other cultures and wake up with outstanding views.

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Our Goals

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